♦ About Excel 2007
♦ Inserting A Worksheet
♦ Renaming a Worksheet
♦ Deleting a Worksheet
♦ Changing Font & Size
♦ Creating Borders for cells
♦ Creating background colors for Selection
♦ Text color
♦ Hiding and Un-hiding Columns
♦ Hiding and un-Hiding Sheets
♦ Changing Default Font or size for new worksheets
♦ Freeze or lock rows and columns
♦ Split panes to lock rows/columns
♦ Inserting formulas
♦ Copying and Pasting Cells
♦ Using if condition and producing text labels
♦ Text Alignment/Wrapping
♦ Formatting Numbers
♦ Conditional Formatting
♦ Highlight Cell Rules
♦ Top/Bottom Rules
♦ Data Bars
♦ Color scales
♦ Icon Sets
♦ Formatting cells with table style
♦ Formatting with Cell Styles
♦ Inserting Cells/Sheet Rows/Columns
♦ Deleting Cells/Sheet Rows/Columns
♦ Setting Cells Height/Width
♦ Changing the Tab Color of the sheet
♦ Protecting Cells
♦ Auto summing the values
♦ Creating Average of Values
♦ Counting Number of values
♦ Finding Max/Min of values
♦ Filling cells with a given value
♦ Filling Cells with Series
♦ Pay Roll Development with Excel Sheet
♦ Conditions are
♦ Clearing Formats/contents/Comments
♦ Sorting Cells
♦ Filtering Cells
♦ Find/Replace Cells
♦ Show current Date and Time
♦ Prepare Electric Billing Sheet
♦ Using Pivot Tables in Excel
♦ What if Analysis using a Table
♦ Inserting Picture, Clip Art, shapes, Smart Art
♦ Inserting Charts
♦ Inserting Hyperlink
♦ Inserting Text Box, Header & Footer, WordArt, Signature Line, Object, Symbol
♦ Inserting themes, Colors, Fonts, Effects
♦ Adjusting Margins, Orientation, Size, Print Area, Breaks, Background, Print Titles
♦ Grouping graphic images, wrapping text
♦ Types of functions
♦ Using names instead of cell range
♦ Creating names & using in formulas
♦ Watching Formulas
♦ Trace Precedents
♦ Trace Dependents
♦ Trace Errors
♦ Evaluating Formula
♦ Auto Configuring Calculations
♦ Accessing External Database
♦ Converting text into columns
♦ Filtering Duplicates
♦ Data Validation
♦ Consolidating Data sheets
♦ Grouping Cells
♦ Goal Seek
♦ Scenario Manager
♦ Working with comments
♦ Protecting Cells, sheets and sharing
♦ Working with views
♦ Zooming
♦ Opening new window with same document
♦ Arranging Open windows


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