Landscape photo manipulation

What are we making:

final Landscape photo manipulation

I`ve found two great images on the internet.One with a castle and other with a great waterfall:

1 Landscape photo manipulation

The second picture:

2 Landscape photo manipulation

Let`s begin.Open your Photoshop and drag the two pictures in Photoshop.As you can see the castle is a bit too large.

3 Landscape photo manipulation

Resize the castle to have the width equal to the width of the waterfall and place the waterfall above the castle like in the picture:

4 Landscape photo manipulation

Now duplicate the castle layer and set the blending mode for the new layer to Soft light then merge the two layers.

Duplicate the waterfall layer and set the blending mode for the new layer to Soft light too.

Your layers should look like this:

5 Landscape photo manipulation

And you`re image like this one:

6 Landscape photo manipulation

We`ve made those steps with the duplicated thing to make the layers to look the same.You can observe that the the waterfall looks a little bit darker.

Let`s make some areas of the waterfall to look a little bit lighty.

Select the Soft light waterfall layer and make a new layer mask.

7 Landscape photo manipulation

Now set the foreground color to black and with the Soft round brush erase the darker areas of the waterfall.I`ve marked in the picture the areas where i used the brush.You can make of course your own version.You are free to do this.I`m just explaining what to do.

8 Landscape photo manipulation

Using the Pen tool(P) make the selection of the mountains and delete them,because we are going to put there some clouds for effect.But again I repeat:It is optional.You may do your own manipulation in your own style.

9 Landscape photo manipulation

Let`s adjust a little bit the colors.Go to Layer->New Adjustment Layer and apply the next settings:


10 Landscape photo manipulation


11 Landscape photo manipulation

Now our image should look like this one:

12 Landscape photo manipulation

Now comes the magic:making the images to look like one.

What we have to do is to make a layer mask to the first waterfall layer and using the Soft round brush erase the middle area from the image.It`s a more complicated procedure which can be succeeded if you practice on the image.Use your imagination.

13 Landscape photo manipulation

This is how my image looks:

14 Landscape photo manipulation

Now,let`s create the clouds.I`ve found a cloudy image on the internet perfect for our project.

15 Landscape photo manipulation

Using the Pen tool(P) cut the clouds and paste them in our image.

16 Landscape photo manipulation

Make a layer mask for the clouds layer and using the Soft Round brushes,make their margins smoother,to look real.Is the same process we used when we merged the two images,one step backward.

17 Landscape photo manipulation

We see now that the sky is incomplete.To fill it with clouds,duplicate the clouds layer,flip it horizontal to look different than the other layer(Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontally),make a new layer mask and apply the same treatment using the Soft brush.

My sky looks like this:

18 Landscape photo manipulation

Now we`re going to create some nice sunshines.

Using the rectangle tool(U) draw a white rectangle with a big height.Then go to Filter->Render->Fibers and apply the next settings:

20 Landscape photo manipulation

Go to Filter->Blur->Motion blur this time and put the next parameters:

21 Landscape photo manipulation

Now go to Edit->Transform->Perspective and create a perspective like in the next image.Click on the top-left corner of the rectangle and pressing the Shift Key drag to the right.Repeat the process for the bottom-left corner but drag to the left.

22 Landscape photo manipulation

Set the blending mode for this layer to Soft light.Now you have your nice sunshines.

I`ve made my image a little bit more darker,applying the next adjustment(Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Brightness/Contrast):

23 Landscape photo manipulation

This is how the image looks:

24 Landscape photo manipulation

I`ve searched on the internet for some gradients for the last effect and I`ve found them here.

I`ve used a blue one and changed the blending mode of the layer to Soft light.

We`ve just finished our great tutorial and this is the result:

final Landscape photo manipulation

I hope you like it and if you have any questions,problems in replicate the image or anything else leave me a comment and I`ll do my best.

Have a good day…!


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