Combo box with description

A combo box that also displays a short description of the selected link in a form box.

Simply add the below where you want ...(Copy & Paste):

<title>Combo box with description</title>
<form name="combowithtext">
<select name="example" size="1" onChange="showtext()">
<option value="">Cnet</option>
<option value="">CNN</option>
<option value="">Geocities</option>
<input type="button" value="Go!"
<textarea rows=5 cols=21 wrap="virtual" name="text"></textarea>
<script language="javascript">
Combo box with description credit-
By Jumbo Education (

var shortcut=document.combowithtext
var descriptions=new Array()

//extend this list if neccessary to accomodate more selections
descriptions[0]="Click here for Cnet, the primer technology site on the net!"
descriptions[1]="Click here for CNN, one of the best sources online to get your news."
descriptions[2]="Click here for Geocities, and receive 10 megs of free web space."

function gothere(){

function showtext(){
<p align="center"><font face="arial" size="-2">This free script provided by</font><br>
<font face="arial, helvetica" size="-2"><a href="">Jumbo Education</a></font></p>


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