Hackers Explain Why They Attacked Visa and CIA Sites (Exclusive)

Updated on: 2012-05-17 || Source: news.softpedia.com
Most internauts may have noticed that the sites of The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks have been disrupted as a result of massive distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks, but those aren’t the only attacks launched recently. UGNazi hackers have also been up to their usual shenanigans, sending large numbers of packets towards sites in continuation of their protests.

The site of Visa (visa.com) and the one of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.gov) have also been down for 2, respectively 3 hours.

The hackers told Softpedia that they had nothing to do with the attacks that targeted WikiLeaks or The Pirate Bay, but they took credit for causing performance problems to the websites of Visa and the CIA.

“The attack on Visa.com was our way of saying hello, to big corporations like them. Visa robs innocent people's money every single day and night. Visa claims that any fraud on any stolen card, the owner is not liable for it but somehow at the end of the day, the innocent people are reliable,” one of the hackers explained.

“We are huge supporters of Wiki Leaks and Visa did not want to process credit cards for Wiki Leaks. This is the main reason we have targeted visa.com. Visa is such a huge corporation, that it is getting away with everything.”

After making their point with Visa, the hacktivists focused their attention on the CIA, whose site has been attacked numerous times, whenever Anonymous and other hackers want to protest against US law enforcement.

“CIA does undercover work outside of the USA, they hurt and destroy people’s lives every single day. There is a reason they make sure CIA agents have fake names, fake passports, ‘they do not exist’, they create harm and the US government does not want that to appear on there public eyes,” he added.

“The US government does not want to show the people that they are corrupted. CIA is worse than FBI, at least FBI does everything in front of us and does not have to hide behind fake indentity's, they call hidden hackers ‘Criminals’? Then what would you call the CIA, who hide themselves and create pain and destruction for others?”


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