Amazon buys book recommendation siteKindle
Updated on: 2013-03-29 || Source:
Online retailer Amazon has said it will buy Goodreads, a book discovery and recommendation website.   READ MORE
Global internet slows after 'biggest attack in history'
Updated on: 2013-03-29 || Source:
The internet around the world has been slowed down in what security experts are describing as the biggest...   READ MORE
EBay sets aggressive 2015 targets, shares climb
Updated on: 2013-03-29 || Source:
EBay Inc foresees annual earnings growth of 15 percent to 19 percent over the next three years, and is...   READ MORE
Esa seeks help to control robot spacecraft
Updated on: 2013-03-19 || Source:
The European Space Agency is turning to owners of terrestrial robot aircraft to aid those that journey into...   READ MORE
U.S. computer hacker gets three-and-a-half years for stealing iPad user data
Updated on: 2013-03-19 || Source:
A computer hacker was sentenced on Monday to three years and five months in prison for stealing the personal...   READ MORE
Samsung Galaxy S4 eye-tracking smartphone unveiled
Updated on: 2013-03-16 || Source:
Samsung has launched a smartphone which allows users to control its 5in (12.5cm) screen using only their eyes.   READ MORE
Gamer hacks SimCity to run offline
Updated on: 2013-03-16 || Source:
SimCity has almost been turned into a single-player game by an enterprising hacker.   READ MORE
Web-based 'brain' for robots goes live
Updated on: 2013-03-10 || Source:
Robots confused about what they encounter in the world of humans can now get help online.   READ MORE
Motorola Mobility to cut 1,200 jobs amid more restructuring
Updated on: 2013-03-10 || Source:
Google's Motorola Mobility Unit has said it is cutting 1,200 jobs, or more than 10% of its workforce.   READ MORE
Microsoft fined by European Commission over web browser
Updated on: 2013-03-07 || Source:
Microsoft has been fined 561m euros ($731m; £484m) for failing to promote a range of web browsers, rather...   READ MORE
Volvo unveils cyclist alert-and-brake car system
Updated on: 2013-03-07 || Source:
Volvo has announced it is releasing a cyclist detection facility which should prevent fatal accidents.   READ MORE
US internet 'six strikes' anti-piracy campaign begins
Updated on: 2013-02-27 || Source:
A "six-strikes" campaign to combat internet piracy has begun in the US.   READ MORE


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