Omate Truesmart watch secures Kickstarter funds
Updated on: 2013-08-22 || Source:
Omate Truesmart - a smartwatch with a built-in five megapixel camera - is set to go into production after...   READ MORE
China web users arrested over posts on Sina Weibo
Updated on: 2013-08-22 || Source:
Four people have been arrested in China over posts made on Twitter-like website Sina Weibo, state media has...   READ MORE
Google launches Chromecast low-cost TV dongle
Updated on: 2013-07-25 || Source:
Google has announced a low-cost competitor to Apple TV - a "dongle" device called Chromecast.   READ MORE
Hackers use Android 'master key' exploit in China
Updated on: 2013-07-25 || Source:
A security firm says it has identified the first known malicious use of Android's "master key" vulnerability.   READ MORE
House rejects bid to curb spy agency data collection
Updated on: 2013-07-25 || Source:
A U.S. spy program that sweeps up vast amounts of electronic communications survived a legislative challenge...   READ MORE
Apple's developer website attacked, can't rule out stolen data
Updated on: 2013-07-22 || Source:
Apple Inc's main website for developers remains shut after intruders tried to steal sensitive information...   READ MORE
Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM to announce
Updated on: 2013-07-22 || Source:
Every household in the UK is to have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to...   READ MORE
France ends three-strikes internet piracy ban policy
Updated on: 2013-07-10 || Source:
France has halted an anti-piracy policy that threatened persistent offenders with internet bans.   READ MORE
Human gestures perplex Asimo, Honda museum robot guide
Updated on: 2013-07-06 || Source:
Honda's popular robot Asimo faced problems with gesture recognition on its first day as a museum guide at the..   READ MORE
Jay-Z Android app cloned by hackers
Updated on: 2013-07-06 || Source:
Hackers have cloned the Android app of rapper Jay-Z and inserted messages criticising the US government.   READ MORE
Huawei says Ascend P6 is world's 'slimmest' smartphone
Updated on: 2013-06-19 || Source:
Huawei has unveiled what it says is the world's thinnest smartphone.   READ MORE
Microsoft 'U-turn' sees Start button back on Windows 8
Updated on: 2013-05-31 || Source:
Microsoft has confirmed a Start button is returning to the desktop mode's taskbar of its Windows 8 operating   READ MORE


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