Blackphone 2 'privacy' Android handset revamped いつも楽天カードをご利用いただきありがとうございます。
Updated on: 2020-07-21 || Source:
Security firm Silent Circle has revamped its smartphone that helps people manage 詳しく   READ MORE
Chinese smartphones mount massive web attack
Updated on: 2015-09-29 || Source:
More than 650,000 Chinese smartphones have been unwittingly enrolled in a massive attack that overwhelmed a web   READ MORE
Hilton investigates hack claims
Updated on: 2015-09-29 || Source:
The Hilton hotel group has said it is investigating claims its US shops and gift stores may be the source of   READ MORE
Twitter website 'blocked' in Turkey
Updated on: 2014-03-23 || Source:
Twitter users in Turkey report that the social media site has been blocked in the country.   READ MORE
Giving People Money Wonât Help Kill Windows XP
Updated on: 2014-03-23 || Source:
Windows XP will soon be retired but, for some reason, it remains one of the most used operating systems out...   READ MORE
Dear Linux Users, Will You Use Windows If It Becomes Free?
Updated on: 2014-03-23 || Source:
One of the reasons Linux-based operating systems are so popular is that itâs completely free, but what if...   READ MORE
Google linking of social network contacts to email raises concerns
Updated on: 2014-01-10 || Source:
A new feature in Google Inc's Gmail will result in some users receiving messages from people with whom they   READ MORE
CES 2014: Phones morph into 'stun guns' and 'tricorders'
Updated on: 2014-01-10 || Source:
Scanadu's scanner is designed to be held up to a person's head to deliver a diagnosis to their smartphone   READ MORE
Cicada 3301: The dark net treasure trail reopens
Updated on: 2014-01-10 || Source:
A global internet puzzle that requires advanced computer skills to solve has reopened online.   READ MORE
Ford car takes control of steering to avoid collisions
Updated on: 2013-10-10 || Source:
A car that takes control of the steering wheel when it detects the risk of a collision is being tested at a...   READ MORE
Blackhole malware exploit kit suspect arrested
Updated on: 2013-10-10 || Source:
Russian police have reportedly arrested a man on suspicion of masterminding two infamous hacking tools.   READ MORE
Google unveils major upgrade to search algorithm
Updated on: 2013-09-27 || Source:
Google has unveiled an upgrade to the way it interprets users' search requests.   READ MORE


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