Top 24 Facebook Secrets

Updated on: 2012-04-11

Want to learn cool and useful facebook hacks? Here is list of top 24 facebook hacks , that will teach you a lot new things about facebook!

1 .Facebook Chat Hack

To add pictures during chat session, just Type Unique id or Username between [[ ]] .
[[unique id or Username ]]

for example : [[1758955254]]

To find your facebook ID , go to profile page and look at url , you’ll see id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, for example my facebook id is 1758955254 .

2. Facebook Chat Emotions:

3. Who deleted me on Facebook?

Ever wanted to know “Who deleted me on Facebook?” . Use this FACEBOOK APP to find out.

4. Create A Video With Your Facebook Photos is website that allows you to create video with your facebook photos.

5. Facebook Hack To Publish Empty Status

Just enter the following code and hit enter

@[2:2: ]

Empty facebook status looks as :

6. How To Activate Facebook Timeline

1) Click Here
2) Then click Get Timeline

3) Click on Publish Now button on the top , that is it !

7. How To Remove/Disable Facebook Timeline

How To Remove Facebook Timeline For Firefox:

How To Remove Facebook Timeline For Google Chrome:

8. How To Stop Receiving Facebook Notifications via Email

To stop receiving facebook notifications via email , go to Account Settings

Then click on Notifications

you’ll see as below

You can see number of notifications under each category ,uncheck all according too you need ,you can uncheck all or you can keep checked what you want

9. English Pirate Hack

We’ll start with simple facebook hack. English pirate offers some pretty hilarious pirate variations.
Go to Account Settings

Language -> Edit

Choose ENglish (pirate) and Save Changes

It looks as :

10. Write Upside Down Facebook Status

You’ve probably noticed a few people posting upside down status updates . If you want to write upside down status, you can use free online tool

11. How To Download All Pictures From A Facebook Profile At Once

There are a lot tools that allows you to download all photos from your profile. Here I’ll mention few
2)Photo Grabber
3) Album Copier

12. How to Undo Facebook Changes

You can download script that undoes some of the newer presentational layout changes for people who are afraid of change.



13. Profile Photo Hack

With the Facebook’s new profile page you can divide your profile photo into 6 parts(1 profile pic and a photo strip of 5 recent photos in which you were tagged). There are some applications which allows you to write some funky text in the photo strip but dividing your own picture will be much cooler. Look at picture below to know what you can do with this trick.

How to do it
1) You need a photo of at least 692 pixels wide and 540 pixels high and a photo editor. I did it with Photoshop CS3.
2)To get your profile pic make a crop that’s 180 pixels wide and 540 pixels high.
Note: Start the crop from the left most corner.
3)Now to get the photo strip, crop a 492 X 68 pixels strip. Start the crop from 20 pixels below from right-top corner of the image.
Note: Google’s top searches say it should be 20 pixels but I took around 30 pixels to get it right.
4)Now, you have to divide the strip into 5 parts. The photos in the strips of Facebook have a gap of 2 pixels. 492 – 8 (4 * 2 pixels) = 484 and 484 / 5 = 96.8. So, you have to cut 5 photos of 96.8 X 68 leaving a gap of 2 pixels. As, Photoshop didn’t allowed me to crop the image in points I took it as 97 X 68 and the widened the last image as it was 1(.2 px * 5) pixels short.
5)The difficult part has been completed till now. Just upload all the 6 images on Facebook. First, set your profile pic which we made in the 2nd step.
6)Now, to make the strip, you have to tag yourself in the reverse order. This means, the photo which will be in the right most corner of the strip should be tagged first and the left most photo should be tagged last.
7) You’re done, just tell your friends to visit your profile.

14.How To Block Certain People From Chat

Go to options -> Advanced Settings

Under All your friends see you except… choose friend that you don’t want to see you when you’re online.

15. How To Create Fake Facebook Conversations

1) Go to
2) Click on create a new convo

3)Type name of commenter, select your upload picture, type what ever you want to say and click on add stream
you can add as many people to the stream as you want, you can even login to the facebook and add your actual friends to the stream

4)Type descriptive title and save it

5)Now you can right click and save your picture and send it to your friend

16. How To Hide Your Profile On Facebook

1)Login to your facebook account and click on Account-> Account Settings

2) Locate the sections Privacy under account settings and click Manage

3) Under Privacy Settings click on Search

4)If you don’t want your profile to appear in search engines , then uncheck Public Search Results

If you want that only your Facebook friends can see your profile and other information about you, ten choose option friends only

17. How To Improve The Probability Of Getting A Like On Facebook Page

1) Go to <

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