Recover A Forgotten Password To A Word Document

Updated on: 2012-06-22

Here is step by step tutorial that explains how can you recover a forgotten password to a word document by using FREE Word and Excel password recovery Wizard 2.0.9 Now (863 Kb) . If you don’t know how to protect your word document with password , I recommend you to read my previous article How To Protect Your Microsoft Word Documents

1) Download FREE Word and Excel password recovery Wizard 2.0.9 Now (863 Kb) and install it.

2) Select the file for password recovery and click on Next button

3) Select approach : Dictionary attack or Brute force attack . Dictionary attack tries words from a dictionary file in case a common password was used. Brute force attack tries every possible combination of charactes to find a match (which may take a lot of time). Which is better Dictionary or Bruteforce ? If you use the default wordlist for dictionary attack that comes with the program. It will probably fails to recover a password, try downloading other wordlists from the Internet. So dictionary is better if you have good wordlist . Brute force attack will always recover password , but if the password is to big , it will take a lot of time .

4) Click on the Go button to start, Pause to stop the recovery and save the current state, and Resume to continue a previous recovery where you left off.

5) If recovery is successful , you will get message “password found” as shown below

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