How to create a folder without any name

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Well on this topic i have posted so many times  in my hubpage, triond profile. Why ? because i found it very funny. I like to show people new tricks so that they can also enjoy it. So why don't you learn it and have fun?

How to create a folder without any name: At first select a folder or create a new folder. Now remove the name by rename option. Or Simply click F2 and then press backspace to remove the name. (Hold on that position and look if your Numlock in On. If it is off make it on because you have to type a code only by Numpad. In many laptop there is no numpad, the numpad is mixed with the keyboard so e careful about it. )
Now in that position press ALT button and type a code 0160 by the help of your number pad and press Enter. you will see there is no name on it. Hope you will love it :D

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