How To Chat With Your Friends Through Command Prompt

Updated on: 2012-09-06

The following article contains the steps needed to complete your own made messenger program. If you ever wanted to chat with your friends by using a simple home made program or if you want to brag to your friends that you can create a messenger then this article is made for you. Simply follow the steps below.

You will need to know your friends IP address since we will be using this as where to send the message and since this is a simple program the only other things you need are a computer and Command Prompt.

1)Open notepad and copy paste this code:

@echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A

2) Save it as .bat (you can put any name but as long as you write .bat at the end, I choose the name hackspc.bat)

3) Double click it and Command Prompt will appear with a message like this:

4)Before you send a message, you need to type the ip of your friends computer

5) The only thing left to do is, to type your message

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