How To Block A Website

Updated on: 2012-05-30

If you have children and you’ve caught them how use certain site content such as porn and gambling. You don´t have to turn off the internet . Just block certain website and prevent your children. I will show you a few of methods how to do it

1. Block website in all web browsers

Browse C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc , find file hosts and open that file with notepad

block site

In notepad file find localhost and below add something like and . My blocked sites looks like this

Then select File and click Save or press Ctrl+S

After this will be blocked certain website in all web browsers.

2.Block a website using internet explorer

Open Internet Explorer and click Tools , then click Internet Options

When Internet options window appear select Privacy tab
internet options

Click on Sites, in Address of website field type website addresses that would you like to block and click Block

Click OK and restart internet explorer. After this will be blocked certain website only in Internet Explorer

3. KidZui – Web Browser for children

This browser have lot of funny effects and the browser is designed exactly for children.
KidZui can display only those pages that the community is approved.

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