Cannot delete file

Updated on: 2013-01-10


You probably sometimes try delete file and suddenly appear message like this:cannot delete file,access is denied, the source or destination file may be in use and etc. Don´t worry, in this tutorial we will see few methods that can help.

For example , you have file problems.exe and you cannot delete that file. Lets say that directory path for problem.exe is c:folderproblems.exe . Open Notepad and write del /F “c:folderproblems.exe” and save file like killfile.bat on C:

Then go to Control Panel -> Sheduled Tasks -> Ad Sheduled task 
When scheduled task wizard appear click Next
task wizard

Then click Browse and choose killfile.bat
task wizard

Choose When my computer starts and click Next

Enter username and password, Next

Click Finish and Restart Computer .After this file will be deleted.

Other solution for this problem is Unlocker It is simple and useful applications , that will help to get rid of error message like Error deleting file or folder, cannot delete folder…

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