Change Photos From Color to Black and White in iPhoto for iOS
Updated on: 2012-06-17 || Source:
While iPhoto for iOS has a lot of editing features for color photo enhancement, there's charm to spare in...   READ MORE
How To Break Windows Password
Updated on: 2012-06-15
There are many ways to break windows passwords, I will show you how do do it with Cain & Abel v2.0. It...   READ MORE
How to Use the New Research Tool in Google Docs
Updated on: 2012-06-12 || Source:
Whether you're a student facing final papers or a parent helping kids with research assignments, Google...   READ MORE
3 Simple Steps to Get Started With Tumblr
Updated on: 2012-06-10 || Source:
Tumblr is a fun way to blog without writing a long story every day. It is designed to let users simply post...   READ MORE
The 3 Most Awesome Computer Pranks
Updated on: 2012-06-08 || Source:
Today , I will show you 3 great computer pranks :make over 1,000 folders in few second ,microsoft word...   READ MORE
Automated System Recovery (ASR)
Updated on: 2012-06-06
Complete the steps outlined below to utilize XP's Automated System Recovery (ASR) functionality.   READ MORE
How to Manage Your Passwords in Chrome
Updated on: 2012-06-05 || Source:
Password managers are convenient, easy-to-use tools that take a lot of the pain out of surfing the web. Google’s...   READ MORE
Download Ubuntu Secure Remix 12.04
Updated on: 2012-05-31 || Source:
Introduced by Softpedia at the beginning of the year, the Ubuntu Secure Remix operating system has just...   READ MORE
How To Block A Website
Updated on: 2012-05-30
If you have children and you’ve caught them how use certain site content such as porn and gambling. You don´t...   READ MORE
Fedora 17 Has Been Released, Download Now
Updated on: 2012-05-29 || Source:
Softpedia is the first to inform today, May 29th, that the highly anticipated Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle)...   READ MORE
Add A Photo To My Computer Properties
Updated on: 2012-05-28
Here is simple windows tip, which will show you how to add a photo and name to my computer properties.   READ MORE
How to undelete files on Windows with Undela
Updated on: 2012-05-27 || Source:
Emptied the recycle bin by mistake and lost something you need to get back? This Windows utility...   READ MORE


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